Our research aims are applied using a core set of observational and experimental studies, including:

  • Large scale international studies (e.g. EPIC-InterAct in 10 European countries), allowing comparisons across different populations with a wide variety of lifestyles.
  • Smaller ‘quantitative trait’ studies (e.g. Fenland Study), allowing us to collect highly detailed measures of our study volunteers.
  • Trials (e.g. ADDITION diabetes screening).
  • Methodological studies allowing us to develop high quality measures of behaviour, such as accelerometry to measure physical activity and biomarkers to measure dietary intake.

Below is a list of the studies that the MRC Epidemiology Unit is involved in. For more information on any study click on the study name below.

ADNFS – Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey
ALSPAC – Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
Cambridge Baby Growth Study 2008-2013
Cambridge Bioresource
Cambridge Birth Cohort 2001-2008
Commuting and Health in Cambridge
Cambridgeshire Diabetes Case-Control Study
Cameroon Study
CHASE – Child Heart And health Study in England
Communicating Risk – Cochrane Review
DiOGenes – Diet, Obesity and Genes project
Ely Study
European Youth Heart Study
FAB (Feedback, Awareness and Behaviour) Study
Fenland Study 
Get Moving
Hertfordshire Birth Cohort Physical Activity Trial
NSHD – National Survey of Health & Disease
Norfolk Diabetes Case-Control Study
PANACEA Physical Activity, Nutrition, Alcohol, Cessation of smoking, Eating out of home And obesity
SAMS – Supporting Adherence to hypoglycaemic Medication
SPEEDY – Sport, Physical activity and Eating behaviour: Environmental Determinants in Young people
STEP Test Study
SWS – Southampton Women’s Survey
Understanding Risk Trial
Vitamin D Supplementation in People at Risk of Diabetes
WAVES – The West Midlands ActiVe lifestyle and healthy Eating in School children